Shady Grove Baptist Church
Sunday, May 19, 2019
Proclaiming Jesus to the Heart of George County.

The NT Church & Its Officers Series: Ugh Preachers Part 2

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Posted 3 months ago by Anonymouss
We are nothing if not small. We seat 30-40 on a good Sunday. And we are a century old fixture of our small community. Most often we are overlooked and overshadowed by mega-churches and politically influential religious voices like your own. We don’t hold a candle to an auditorium filled with the music of a one hundred voice choir led by professional musicians. We probably will never be recognized in any nationally syndicated media. After all, we don’t do anything really “newsworthy.” We just preach the good news of Jesus Christ; love one another the best we can (which sometimes isn’t very well); feed the hungry that come to our doors; care for the sick; comfort the dying; and bury the dead. So thanks for thinking of us. Rest assured, we are ready to respond to your calls to prayer and action.
Posted 3 months ago by Anonymouss
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Posted 2 months ago by Anonymous
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